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fungus infection

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    Hi,I got a Labrador dog 6months. She start to shed fur from her back a spot had bolded therefore I brought her to see doctor. The doctor say is somekind of fungus infection, the doctor gave four weeks of injection and daily K200 tablet, and also give a malassezia shampoo 3 times a week. This happen from last week. May I know is this the best cure or any others good way to help her recover faster?


    The doctor said it’s start to spread the infection from her ears so the doctor gave another medication droplet to her ears daily. May I know how to clean the dog ears?

    Penny Tai, DVM

    if really confirmed as fungus infection, Ketoconazole could cure the infection . but we could use better medicine such as itraconazole once daily ,If the clinical signs is not better after 2 weeks , then you need to consider the real causes of this skin problem.

正在檢視 3 篇文章 - 1 至 3 (共計 3 篇)
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