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Why My puppy has some strange behavior?

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    benannie : Dear doctor,

    My puppy, he is called Sunny and he is only three months old. Those days, I have found he try to climb my feet and do some strange behavior when we play with each other. You know, he is only three months old why he does this kind of thing. Someone told me he is too lonely and I have to try to find more time to company with him.
    You know I have to work in daytime. For this reason, I feed Sunny twice which are in the morning and evening with 500CC cup fodder and two spoon of calcium powder. I found Sunny’s leg growths so strong but body didn’t which I can see his bone.
    Can you tell me it is enough or not for three months old puppy?

    You know, I try to find the time to company with Sunny. I always wake up at 5:30 AM for feeding and playing with Sunny. Those days I have tried to train Sunny to do the right thing. My strategies are feed and stool and then play. No stool and no play.
    You know Sunny is just only three months old and I think he is so interested in the new environment. Therefore, I have tried to let him know what he can do and what he can’t do. If he does some bad things such as eat newspaper, I will cut down the time to play with Sunny and Sunny have to get in his home for punishment. According to your book, I know I can’t punish the puppy but I don’t know how to control his bad behavior not to eat newspaper or towel pieces when he plays with newspaper or towel.

    Can U give me some advice if I was wrong?


    大敦寵物醫療中心院長戴更基醫生 : dear annie:
    As sunny is just a puppy, you need to teach him right now before it’s too late,
    although he is just 3 months old, but that doesn’t mean that he woun’t mount people as adult males do.
    If you want to stop this behavior, you can bring it to a small room while he mounts on you!, make him alone for about 3-5 minutes. don’t make it too long!
    For the first day you do what I told you, may be you’ll take him to the small rooms for many times, but if you continue doing this day by day, it will gradually decrease!
    over 1-2 months later, your dog will never mount on you!!
    You can use headcollar as a trainning tools, to make him sit or stay, pull the leash while he doesn’t follow your command, say “No!!” at the same time you pull the leash!!
    He will understand what [NO!] means!

    good luck!
    we still can punish dogs, but don’t abuse them!!
    notice: punishment is not equal to hitting the dog!

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