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    小叮噹 : 一般看到的狗飼料多是雞肉、牛肉、羊肉製的,為什麼沒有豬肉製的呢?原因為何?

    大敦寵物醫療中心院長戴更基醫生 : 有豬肉製的,舉例如下:
    Canine Maintenance* light :
    Weight overload can be dangerous for bones, muscles (including heart), and each organ of your dog. Science Plan Maintenance Light, rich in fiber, will allow your dog to feel satisfied without extra calories.
    Dry ingredients : ground maize, crushed sunflower, meat flour of chicken and turkey, powdered whole eggs, vegetable oil, vitamins and minerals.
    Canned ingredients : ground maize, pork meat, chicken, soy bean shells, liver, powdered milk, eggs, vitamins and minerals.

正在檢視 1 篇文章 - 1 至 1 (共計 1 篇)
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