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    Nocturne : hey dear 戴醫師:
    1. 我真的覺得我的狗狗有越來越不服從的現象.也依您的指示開始加強我自己的態度…不過我覺得我越來越不”狗”言笑了…牠不乖/抓狂/亂跑的時候我就一副撲克牌臉. 講話口氣也很”有威嚴”. 所以它現在看到我回家已經不亂衝了, 牠一激動也會很快靜下來because he knows I am getting unhappy and ignoring him. And now I only smile and pet him when he is calm after I get home. BUT, once he lies down(as i tell him to)and I start to pet him, he gets really happy and then he rolls on his back and starts to rub his back against the floor with his 4 feet kicking in the air while trying to catch his tail(不過他沒一直咬…一邊咬到就換另一邊) in this weird gesture. what does this action mean?
    2. for the behaviour described above, should i switch to poker face right away?-> i tried once, and he stopped, lay back to a normal position right away and looked at me. i ignored him and walked away, then his tail stopped waggling; he stood up and followed me around quietly… did i hurt his feelings or something?
    3. How long can i leave him in his crate? i am not concerned with whether he’s going to pee in the crate but i am worried about his mental health. Right now he is by himself for around 7 hrs in the day, and 7 hours at night. Is it okay? (We are still students… so the 7 hours in the day is when my sister is in school because i usually come home late.) I saw a website for adopting Goldens and among them there’s one with the following description. “This poor dog was left alone by himself for 11 hours everyday by his former owner… (blah blah blah).” Oh my goodness… so are we really bad owners since we leave him alone for 14 hours… so is it not suitable for students to have dogs since we simply can’t stay with him all the time?
    4.我覺得狗狗真的太會看我的臉色了…我不高興牠會收斂. 可是他根本不在乎妹妹的表情. so we make him wear Gentle Leader at home too… but still, my sister has to pull the leash and use treat to stop his bad behaviour, and sometimes he gets unhappy when she pulls the leash and he starts growling! It takes my sister to pull the leash high for 3 seconds before he obeys her “SIT” command… I don’t know what i should do because he never growls at me even when i treat him roughly. he obviously thinks my sister has a lower status than him so she has no power to control him. What can I do as the superior “dog”(am i the alpha dog yet?) to higher the status of my sister? (My sister cried a few times already because the dog treats her and me so differently… the dog doesn’t even care if she comes home even though she is the one taking care of the dog…)
    5. As i said, I am sometimes ‘rough’ with him. BUT i don’t mean i beat him or some bad stuff… i just…hug him for a LONG TIME and said “NO” when his tries to escape. 牠真的乖乖給我抱…不過我一說”好”牠就受不了似趕緊跑開了. And sometimes i pull his tail lightly and won’t let him walk away and then he will turn arond and look at me. Or when he is standing, i would hug him from behind and pull/drag him to lie between my legs and then 捏捏牠的臉和身體… he doesn’t like these kind of things very much if i do it while he just wants get off and do his own things… but he LETS me do these kind of things. To tell the truth, i do these silly stuff not only because i really enjoy doing them since he is so cute and soft, but also because i thought it lets him know who the master is… Still, i want to consult your opinion to see if i carry my ‘authority’ too far…

    It is another long post again… but since he’s my first dog, i really want to know everything about him and what he thinks!! by the way, is there a specific stream of biomedical engineering for veterinary uses??

    thanks again for ur help!

    大敦寵物醫療中心院長戴更基醫生 : means he is playing. you make him realize no more joke when you came home, but you make him feel comfortable after his lying down(your altitude)

    2.In fact, that behabvior shows that he wanted to make you happy, but he use the wrong way, he wants you attension, remember,give him attension only after he did the right thing or follow your command.

    3.time is not the problem,you need to make him feel comfortable in his kennel(crate), 7 hrs is ok for him, don’t worry, if you make him feel bad in the crate, one hr is too long, do you follow? need to control the food and everything to make you dog take you as a leader, they are pack animal, they need leader,if you can’t be , he will be.
    use the headcollar, pull up, make him look up to you, don’t loose the leash before he calm down. this can make you as a leader in his mind! so does you sister

    5.I need you to remember” rewards the right behavior is better than punish the wrong behavior”

    feel free to ask,That’s what we are

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