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why barf diet?

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    Nocturne : 戴醫師您好…

    對不起… i just want to ask about why there’re even ppl considering barf diet… cuz according to my understanding which is just from common knowledg, (so plz correct me if i’m wrong), there’s really nothing good about BARF diet…

    1. it’s true that dogs’ ancestors–wolves–live on raw meat and wild vegetation, but aren’t we humans used to eat raw stuff too? why don’t we question on whether we should go eat raw meat and wild vegetables?
    2. raw meat has parasites which can only be killed by processing the meat(this is why i dare not eat sashimi…) so isn’t cooked meat better than raw meat?
    3. it is true that wild dogs, wolves, whatever, live on raw meat, but it’s also true that they has a shorter life span than domestic animals cuz their diet is more disease-prone or do not contain enough nutrients. so even though commerical dog food has preservatives, why not try cooking ur own dog food(of course with a cookbook for dogs la…); WHY, among all other choices, barf diet?

    p.s. sorry about the colloquial english style i used…and…is it oki to post this kind of question? i am so surprised to see ppl even thing about using barf diet…so my tone is kind of harsh… for me… i don’t even give my dog a raw bone since i don’t want the fractured pieces to poke a hole in his digestive system…

    大敦寵物醫療中心院長戴更基醫生 : 我完全理解您的想法, 這也是目前我們的態度,但是全世界還是有很多人堅持要使用這樣的食物,即使我們說破嘴也沒有用,
    Ans:您說的也沒錯,雖然飼料有防腐劑,但是狗狗卻從未因為這樣而有壽命減少的問題,這是有安全使用的範圍,再者如果您堅持不要防腐劑,您也可以選用天然的防腐成份vitamin C及E.市面上早就有這樣的飼料了最少超過五年以上!!!動物因為飼料而延長了壽命,雖然還不是很完美,但是已可以讓狗狗活到約人類的100歲了,我想我寧願相信這樣的結果也不願意去讓我的狗吃生肉及蔬菜,因為我不想牠早死!!


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