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    catgucci : Hi,
    I’ve a question regarding to Hills’ C/D prescribtion food for cat. My cat is almost 5 years old, never has urinary blockage symptom before. But I fed him C/D for about 2 years tried to prevent such kind of disease. Dose that make any sense to feed a cat with no bladder stone/FOS disease? If I change his food to usual adult cat food, will that make hime prone to get urinary disease than other feline since he has been fed C/D for a while? Thanks for answering my question.

    大敦寵物醫療中心院長戴更基醫生 : Dear Catgucci:
    First of all, I need to tell you that my cats took Hill’s C/D since they were born.
    If your cat is a male cat, please do give him this kind of cat food,even if he doesn’t have know, over 10% male cat will get FUS(feline Urologic Syndrome).
    Hill’s C/d is not just a treatment food but also a preventive food,
    If you stop giving him C/D for a while, there is no evidence says he will get FUS easier than other cats.
    But you still need to be causion not to get your cat into FUS .

    Best regards
    Penny Tai

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