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    benannie : Dear Sir,

    I really need your help that is my Sunny ,who is five months old Golden Retriever, doesn’t sleep on schedule. you know he always sleep in daytime and wake up(at 2:00 AM and 4:00 AM) in nighttime. I have a job in daytime so nobody can play with him in the daytime. For this reason, he always sleep in daytime. Besides, he will wake up at 2:00 and 4:00 AM and bark until I wake up.
    please tell me what can I do?

    P.S. I asked the doctor of 明匯 this weekend and he told me let Sunny sleep with me in my room but you know he eat anything he can eat in my room even I said “No”.


    大敦寵物醫療中心院長戴更基醫生 : Dear annie:
    Your doggie is lonely in the daytime, nothing to do, nobody to play with, the only thing he can do is sleep!!
    That’s why he always sleep in the daytime.
    Besides,you always come back in the evening. That means he always has company to be with in the night time.
    What you exectly need is exhausting his energy after comming back from job.Trainning him, playing with him, walking him,…etc.
    2:00Am and 4:00Am are such a bad time for people working daytime. Barking is a good method to make you paying attension to him in his mind.He always succeeded.(Cause you always woke up while he barked!)
    A good obedient trainning is needed right now, You need to train your doggie right away or you’ll suffer from his bad behaviors.
    Good luck!!

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